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(“He who wins souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30 NKJV)

Dear Readers:

I want to recap, or review some of my . . . or our progress with soulwinning. I think before we take our next steps, it would benefit us to look at where we’re at with our soulwinning adventure.

Post #1: Go.
I discussed Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19 to his disciples to ‘go’ into all the world and make disciples, and the definitions of ‘go’, and the opposite of go, which is either to ‘stop’, or to ‘stay’. I discussed my own lack in this area, and that’s why I created the website in the first place.

Post #2: The Broad and Narrow Roads
I wanted in my second post to discuss the haunting nature of what it means for the majority of people to go on, what Jesus said in Matthew 7:13-14, is the ‘broad road’ to destruction, or to be blunt, toward an eternal torment in hell. I want to do my part to win souls to prevent people from going on that road, and also to instead encourage and inspire them to go on the ‘narrow road’ to ‘life’, which means toward Jesus, and ultimately heaven.

Post #3: A Soulwinning Team
I discussed in this post of the fact that all our lives we are active in joining teams to reach certain goals. Soulwinning is no exception. Just because we might feel like we’re too young or old, or not outgoing or smart enough, we should never think we cannot join an exciting team to win souls for Jesus!

Post #4: Soulwinning Experiment #1: Beggar to Beggar
In this post I wanted to demystify soulwinning. We can do this when we think of ourselves as beggars who found Jesus, ‘the bread of life’. Then it’s just a natural act to tell other beggars where they might also find this ‘bread’. I discussed starting small and talking to at least one person in the next week, a beggar if you will, about where to find bread.

Post #5: Soulwinning Experiment #1 Results
We discussed our successes and challenges of talking to at least one beggar.

Post #6: Soulwinning Experiment #2: Surveillance Mission
In this post we discussed treating the meeting of people in our week as surveillance encounters, like a ‘detective’ or a ‘spy’, to give the act of soulwinning some spice. Soulwinning doesn’t have to be a boring or tedious act, and the main purpose of these experiments is for us to begin to develop a culture of the exciting world of soulwinning!

Post #7: Soulwinning Experiment #3: Superhero Rescue Mission My goal in this experiment was to use our God given desire for adventure to infiltrate the evil planet, counteract the villain, and save souls from disaster.

Post #8: Soulwinning Experiment #4: Answering The ‘How Are You?’ Question
This experiment was to turn the frequently occurring question from our family members, friends, and people in the community, ‘How are you?’, and reflect our love of Jesus in it. People use the phrase without even thinking, and everyone usually replies, “I’m fine”, or “I’m doing great”, without ever really getting into the reason why they are ‘fine’ or ‘great’. Why not take it a step further and tell them that we’re fine or great because we’re ‘blessed by Jesus’?

Post #9: Witness ‘In Our Sleep’
The post again focuses on a team aspect where team members practice over and over ‘the fundamentals’ of a task so much, that they can literally do it without even thinking, or ‘in their sleep’. The same holds true with soulwinning. The goal is to do it so much that it becomes second nature to us.

Finally, I wanted to do this recap to discuss progress. It can help us to determine our next steps. In the last several weeks I’ve talked openly to family members, friends, people in a car service center, a computer technician, a plant nursery worker, and others about the wonderful love of Jesus. I still have a long way to go, but I feel I’m making progress. How about you? Let me know how you’re doing, and what you think are logical next steps.

See you next time,

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