Sunday, April 21, 2024


     Years go by with prayers seemingly unanswered. There seems to be no chance of revival in our day. Our loved ones remained unsaved, despite our desire, and sometimes promises that they will give their hearts to Jesus.
     Many factors may play a role in whether there is a revival or not. God assuredly is what I call "The Orchestra Conductor”, if you will. We as Christians only play our small bit part, leading to the beautiful music that will be the result of His direction. And, He will be the one to determine when the crescendo happens—meaning He will be the one to determine who, when, where, and how revival occurs.
     Jesus predicted in Matthew 24 that suffering and problems would occur in the end times—that men’s hearts would “grow cold” toward Him. Many think we are now in the end times.
     So we, now more than ever, desperately need the beautiful music, led by The Orchestra Conductor, to crescendo and warm the hearts of our loved ones, friends, and many others, before it’s too late.