I’m Arlen Yoder. I'm a retired mental health worker, who worked in that field approximately 29 years. I grew up in an Amish/Mennonite community. My Dad was former Amish. He married my Mom, who was Mennonite. 

I'm married to Dee and we have a son, Joseph. We are involved with Mission to Amish People and I work one day per week there writing grants. We have a former Amish adopted daughter with her husband and three sons. 

I have reset my previous blog, “Arlen’s Living Water Springs”, to a new website named “Soulwinnersr.us”. The launch date is June 1, 2020 (Note: This was changed due to procrastination. I am actually launching it today, March 29,2021.) 

I'm excited about this adventure! I want to partner with likeminded people who share the same passion to win others to faith in Jesus! I believe if we encourage each other and share ideas on how to share with others the wonderful gospel I think we have a chance to become much more effective to fulfill The Great Commission! 

I believe the stakes are very great for Christians to become soulwinners. It’s literally a matter of life and death, heaven or hell, to share the gospel to those we love, and anyone else who will hear us! Will you join me?