Sunday, October 2, 2016

"Oh Happy Day!" The Jotta A Effect

Dear Readers,

I’m glad you stopped by. My blog today is about what I learned from a little boy in Brazil. I’m calling it ‘“Oh Happy Day” The Jotta A Effect’.

My wife is always well ahead of me when it comes to web content and web videos gone viral. I ask her and she usually says the following, “I already saw that a couple weeks ago”…or "a couple months ago”.

Typically she doesn’t directly point out to me specific videos or web content unless she deems them very special and worthy of mention.

One such occasion occurred this week when she shared a 2011 video with a young 11 year old boy on a Brazilian kid’s talent show. I was somewhat blasé at first, but then I started watching intently, I saw what she meant about how awesome she thought his performance was, and by the end of it tears were rolling down my cheeks.

Why would the performance of an 11 year old boy bring tears to my eyes? It is what I might call “The Jotta A Effect” It was his sheer enthusiasm about the topic of his song “O Happy Day” that did me in.

I then started listening to the rest of his songs, all of which have gone viral, many of them in Portuguese, the official Brazilian language. I even cried at those when I saw his passion…and his wonderful voice.

If you have not already done so I urge you to now watch his videos and see if they have the same effect on you.

So what do you think? I immediately think of my lack of passion and lame attempts to express my love for God.

I recently have been “church hopping”, I guess what I’m doing, perhaps subconsciously, is looking for that elusive church experience where the people, the pastor, and myself can experience and express the same passion, perhaps Holy Spirit joy, as Jotta A, and can say definitively, “O Happy Day!”

See you next time,