Friday, June 24, 2011

A Father's Thoughts, From the Mariemont Inn in Cincinnati

Dear Readers,

I am sitting here in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the historic Mariemont Inn. My wife and son are sleeping and everything seems peaceful on this Father’s Day 2011. I await the adventures of going to the Union Station Museum tomorrow morning to see the various museum pieces, the train tower, the large model train exhibit, and the main event of the day which is the IMAX theater movie “Tornado Alley”.

What is my purpose as a father? How do I instill a sense of security in my son that will help lead him in the way to go? You may notice that I said “help lead him in the way to go”. A couple weeks ago my wife and I helped lead our son in a prayer to give his heart fully to the Lord. I now realize that Joseph is in God’s very capable hands, and the most I can do is to try the best I can to be a good father and take the needed time with him to “help” teach him things that he can learn from me as his earthly father.

Actually I am greatly indebted to Jim Brown, Joseph’s late natural father, my wife Dee, and especially God that I have a son. Joseph, however, is now God’s adopted son, and I can only pray that Joseph follows Him down His paths. I pray also that Joseph listens to the input of Dee and myself, but the ultimate decisions from here on out are ultimately between he and his heavenly Father.

What a relief, to know that God our heavenly Father loves Joseph even more than me as his earthly father.

See you next time,