Monday, November 21, 2011

A Porcelain Doll

Dear Readers,

Last week I was shopping at Save A Lot grocery store when I saw some people that really struck my interest. You see my Dad grew up Amish and I have many Amish relatives. I have lived around and among Amish people all my life.

Lately, however, when I see an Amish person or family I try to think in my mind what their lives might be like. I think what might make them excited or happy? I think what might make them depressed or sad? Don’t ask me why I do it. I don’t even really know myself.

In Save A Lot what I saw was a really young conservative Amish couple and their baby. I know they were from a conservative sect by their apparel and the man’s haircut. The man was wearing a long coat and the woman a long shawl.

What really struck me, however, was the little baby. She was bundled up in dark outer clothing with only her tiny face showing. The face I saw looked perfect with its flesh and pinkish glow. The mother carried the little girl with ease in her strong arms as she looked for food bargains. The baby rested still as she turned with every move of the mother. I kid you not the first thing I thought of was that the little baby girl looked just like a porcelain doll that might be purchased in a store.

When I came back to reality I thought to myself, the baby in front of me is not a porcelain doll. She is a real person, full of promise and hope. Her whole life is ahead of her. What will her life hold? Will it hold happiness? Will it be filled with sadness? Will she get married and have a family? Will she have many brothers and sisters? Will she have people around her that try to understand what makes her feel fulfilled?

Many questions yet unanswered for this beautiful little living porcelain doll.

See you next time,