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“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19.

Hello Friends:

     Welcome to the website. Last week I finished the seven-week “Steps to God” series. I really enjoyed making the series based largely on The Roman Road to salvation plan to discuss some basic principles of the gospel. I want to start another 7-week series I have entitled “Evangelism Questions”.
     I want to qualify the fact that I’m not a trained Bible scholar with a degree from an accredited Bible college. I am, however, a longtime Christian layman of over 44 years, and have read the Bible through many, many times. I believe that gives me some credibility in addressing evangelism and soulwinning tips.
     I pray that you find the posts meaningful, but more importantly, that they sway you to take one of two actions:
Action 1: If you don’t already know Jesus as your personal Savior, I pray that you will give Him consideration as someone that can radically change your life.
Action 2: If you are already a Christian, I pray that you will be swayed by these posts to consider reaching out more and more to introduce Jesus to the people in your family, circle of friends, and others.
So, here we go with a basic introduction outline to the seven-week series entitled “Evangelism Questions”.

Week 1. Evangelism Question 1: Bible Examples of Evangelism
  • We’ll discuss Bible characters who Introduced Jesus to other people, and the effectiveness of their actions.
Week 2. Evangelism Question 2: Mass Evangelism Effectiveness
  • Evangelism crusades led by evangelists were very prominent in the past. Many older people remember the “tent revivals” held prominently in their communities. A few ministries still hold them. They are an example of “mass evangelism”. We’ll discuss whether we think that holding mass evangelism crusades are an effective method of introducing Jesus to people . . . or are mass evangelism crusades the easy way out?
Week 3. Evangelism Question 3: One-On-One Evangelism Effectiveness
  • One-on-one evangelism is intimidating to some. It’s intimidating to me. Does one-on-one evangelism have to be intimidating?
Week 4. Evangelism Question 4: Gospel Tract Evangelism Effectiveness
  • Some believers are active in distributing gospel tracts to share their faith with others. Other believers don’t distribute gospel tracts. What do you think about gospel tract effectiveness to introduce Jesus to people?
Week 5. Evangelism Question 5: Christian Clothing and Jewelry Effectiveness in Evangelism
  • Some believers feel comfortable, and others uncomfortable wearing and sharing their faith literally, “on their sleeves”. Where do you stand with wearing clothing and jewelry with a Christian message?
Week 6. Evangelism Question 6: Gospel Sharing Plan Effectiveness
  • Some people state their fear of the fact that many leaders encourage using a specific plan for evangelism. For example: Some encourage using “The Roman Road”, which I use to some degree, to share systematically the gospel with unbelievers. What do you think about using a gospel sharing plan to introduce Jesus to people?
Week 7. Evangelism Question 7: Scripture Memorization Effectiveness in Evangelism
  • Some people state their fear of the fact that many leaders encourage scripture memorization to be able to share specific important scripture verses with unbelievers. What do you think about using memorized scriptures to introduce Jesus to people?
     So, there you have it. I’m greatly looking forward to the next seven weeks as we go through the seven “Evangelism Questions” posts.

See you next time,

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