Thursday, May 13, 2021



(“He who wins souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30 NKJV)

Dear Readers:

I’m so glad you stopped by. Today we’re going explore what happened with Soulwinning Experiment #1: Beggar to Beggar.

Let’s try to remember that the goal is not to immediately go gangbusters with winning souls for Jesus . . . unless if the Holy Spirit leads us to do so, which would be wonderful. The goal is for us to think of soulwinning as more of a commonplace occurrence . . . and to make soulwinning a cultural norm, as opposed to an odd event.

Sharing where to get bread with another beggar should be a fun and meaningful experience. It shouldn’t be a sober and a downer experience.

So let’s get to it. How did we do? I’ll share my day by day rundown:
  • Thursday, Day 1: No beggar found.
  • Friday, Day 2: I talked to the Donatos Pizza lady about my relationship with Jesus. She reported also being a born again Christian herself. She smiled and went back to work in the pizza shop.
  • Friday, Day 2 continued: I talked to my son on way home from the store about wonder of being saved, and the fact that I look forward to meeting loved ones in heaven, including his Daddy who died in 1995, and his Grandpa and Grandma who both died within the last 10 years.
  • Saturday, Day 3: No beggar found.
  • Sunday, Day 4: No beggar found.
  • Monday, Day 5: I talked to a university women tour group at Mission to Amish People about salvation by faith that MAP emphasizes. I talked repeatedly about the Gospel, although I gave no clear invitation.
  • Tuesday, Day 6: No beggar found.
  • Wednesday, Day 7: I wrote on Facebook a post entitled "Wrath of God?" I encouraged the readers to take action at the end.
Results: 3 out of 7 days I shared to some degree the gospel four different times. I did nothing earth shattering, eye-opening, or jaw-dropping. I really didn’t expect to do so. Again, my goal was just to make soulwinning a more normal activity in our lives . . . one that comes naturally to us, and hopefully one that’s a more joyful experience.

So there you have it. I’m pleased with how things went. How about you?

Next week I’m going to try another soulwinning experiment where we focus on looking at people we encounter in a different way.

In the meantime I intend to pray every day for God to send people, beggars if you will, my way . . . and your way, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with.

See you next week,

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