Saturday, October 4, 2014

False Power

Dear Readers,

Recently I watched videos of different men in various parts of the world that proclaim that they are the long-awaited Messiah.

A recent documentary showed Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop, aka Vissarion, who is a former Russian police officer and former member of the Red Army. He lives in a beautiful mountainous setting in Siberia. The video shows followers walking several miles up a mountain to witness their messiah. The crowd waits in rapt anticipation. Finally, Vissarion strolls down from the top of the mountain with majestic music playing in the background. He then sits on a stone platform to address his throng.

Alan John Miller, aka Jesus, is the leader of Divine Truth. He is a former information technology worker in Australia who claims he is the reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth, and whose partner is Mary Suzanne Luck, aka Mary Magdalene. Miller and his followers have recently purchased almost 600 acres upon which he plans to build a Divine Truth International Center on the eastern coast of Australia. He puts out many Divine Truth videos. “Jesus”, and “Mary Magdalene”, his cohort, seem like an easygoing couple who anybody could trust.

Raymond Howard-Lear, aka Lord Rayel, is from Chicago. He testifies via a series of videos that he is the long awaited messiah who was revealed on May 21, 2011, as he was transported, extra-terrestrially, to Jerusalem. Lear, a former political candidate and leader in Chicago’s Guardian Angels (civilian group to protect the streets of Chicago) is unlike the other two men mentioned above who talk in person on videos. Lord Rayel seems more a cyber Messiah, who has developed a series of long videos using many news clips and dire music warning of disaster to people who do not follow him.

It’s difficult for me to understand the “innards” if you will, of a person going to such lengths and putting forth such energy to gain a following. How does a person keep up the facade for years and do they ever get tired of their own charade?

And the people that follow such men, what drives them? People travel for thousands of miles to glimpse them, and many stay on as devoted followers. They give their entire lives and resources to please their masters.

I think that Vissarion and Miller, aka Jesus, take a risk of showing their flaws when they speak publicly. Vissarion acts more ethereally, and tries to portray a likeness of Jesus. Miller acts more like the “common man”. Lord Rayel, on the other hand, perhaps knows his flaws and does not speak in public. He is like the Great Oz behind the scenes orchestrating a convincing imagery of power. Oh, for a Toto to expose his deception!

I think these men, and in the case of “Mary Magdalene”, who is a woman, crave power. Perhaps they have not been successful in their pursuits in the world of work, and they perceived, maybe from childhood, that they have a degree of charisma and can use it to gain a following and the power that comes with it.

They, however, have been led astray, and have succumbed to a lie of Satan that instead of just wanting to be like Jesus, they want to be Jesus. Jesus predicted it in Matthew 24:24.

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bill said...

truly deceived just as the scriptures say arlen, that satan blinds the mind of the unbelievers both the false messiahs and those that seek after them instead of the ONE TRUE GOD AND JESUS HIS SON THE TRUE SAVIOR OF ALL MANKIND!

thanks arlen for this and your other living waters posts that i find interesting, encouraging and challenging! said...

Thanks Bill for those encouraging words. I plan to write a post about True Power.