Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

Dear Readers,

Today I’m tucked away safely in our sun/family room. Outside I hear the wind fiercely blowing the snow into large piles. Tonight we are supposed to dip to subzero temperatures.

Memories of my youth pop into my head on days like these. I remember days when Mom, Merv, and I would wake up in anticipation of a possible “snow day” off school listening steadfastly to the radio on the kitchen counter. Mom listened just as intently as we did. When the news came of school being cancelled for the day I remember our feeling of excitement, and Mom with a big grin.

I don’t remember exact details of what we did on every snow day…I more remember the feelings I had. Sometimes we went outside and trekked up, and slid back down the hill with our sleds. Sometimes we shoveled the driveway and sidewalks. One of my favorite things to do on a snow day was to make paths in the deep snow with creative intersections in our yard and field. We many times played “Fox and Geese”, a tag game, on the paths.

Dad was long at work, perhaps on a trip to faraway places in his truck. Marlene and Robert were in Columbus at work and school respectively. Craig was a toddler and stayed in Mom’s loving care inside the house where it was safe and warm.

When we went back inside to get respite and rest from the cold Mom would make us lunch, perhaps some hot chocolate, grilled cheese sandwiches, and tomato soup. We felt safe, warm, and content.

We were not a perfect family, but we had our needs met with a hardworking Dad, and a Mom who was always there. She did not drive, nor do I think she felt the need to drive. She stayed at home, and was our shelter from the storms of life.

Oh, and by the way. Today is Mom’s birthday. If she were living she would be 97 years old today. Happy birthday Mom! I can’t wait to see you again!

See you next time,



barb said...

Arlen, This is beautiful. Our parents never leave us. I also share some of those same memories/different family--We were fortunate to grow up in a safe and secure community. barb miller

Yvonne Blake said...

What beautiful memories! A mother sets the atmosphere of the home. I can feel your mother's calm spirit through your descriptions. ((hugs)) said...

Thanks a lot Barb and Yvonne. Thanks Yvonne for the hugs. It's good to hear from you Barb. I remember your Mom also as a steady person living on the corner in Benton. I also remember Dad talking about visiting "WRay". Your Dad worked at Curry Lumber during my first job when I was 16. Hope all is going well for you.