Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Playing Church

Dear Readers,

The title of my video blog today is “Playing Church”. It’s about a concern that I have, that I…and many others, are missing the most important message of all, and are in essence….”Playing Church”. I pray you find it meaningful.

See you next time,



What's God What's Love What's Life said...

Good point Arlen, We as a church spend so much time trying to keep the member count up that we forget the purpose of the church. To me church is a place of encouragement for the member so they will learn to go out and help to save the lost. The church of the NT met in homes and had meals together. Sure would have made it easier to bring people to church if they were getting a meal also. Ha I'll write more later Good blog said...

Thanks Galen. I debated a long time and prayed a lot before I posted it. I hope and pray the Lord is behind it. He will let me know if He isn't. I just think there is very little emphasis on salvation these days, and perhaps too much emphasis on churchy things. I'd go the meals too. I miss your blog posts. I don't know what got into me to do video blogs. My wife laughs at me when I come up with another one. She said I looked "mad" at the end of this one. It's good to have some objective opinions.