Sunday, February 26, 2012

Invasion of the Soul Snatchers

(Dear Readers: Some of you may have watched the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" filmed in 1956 and remade in 1978. This blog post is a take-off on that movie. I hope you find it meaningful.)

He wants our souls and will stop at nothing. He'll allow the infiltration of our minds with seemingly innocent and innocuous ideas. His goal is to lull us into thinking that everything is OK, that we're on the right track in life, that we're doing enough to get favor from man...and God. He even likes when we don't think at all about the meaning of life.

Our good thoughts about "religious" people are no problem to him, as long as those people leave us alone. Good people and religious people can live side by side in harmony, all we need to do is to just keep our distance and don't open ourselves up to each other.

And look at all the hypocrisy in Christians. Remember the televangelists that did things to prove they were hoaxes; the Billy Graham Crusades had "plants" that went forward first so others would follow. We can use logic and explain anything away if we think hard and long enough

But stay away from what might be called "soul snatchers". They're beginning to enter our workplaces and communities, and they never give up on their prey. They are tenacious and hang on with all their might and nothing can make them lose hope. They believe the Bible to a fault and they cannot be steered off course. They want all people, even the worst of us, to give our hearts to a man called Jesus who they claim is the Son of God. How can any man claim that?

These people say that Jesus can invade our bodies with His Holy Spirit. That seems too strange to even consider. And what about this blood thing? Who wants to be covered by blood? That seems almost disgusting, like it's out of a horror movie!

But they never give up. They use the Bible verses in Matthew 7 that talks about the "broad" path and the "narrow" path. They then try to convince us that the broad path leads to hell and the narrow path leads to heaven. How can anyone tell another person that they might end up in hell if they go on a certain path?

These soul snatchers take literally the verse in Jude 23 where Jude instructed followers of Christ to "save others by snatching them from the fire".

But don't worry friends. Our leader has plans for them to make them lose their zeal. He will come against these zealots with all he's got.

Their soul snatching fervor will diminish…or will it?


Joanne Sher said...

Powerful message, Arlen. Love the way you shared it - very creative! said...

Thanks Jo. The Jude 23 verse has meant a lot to me lately and I wanted to reflect it.