Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ignorant, Narrow-Minded, Intolerant, Racist, Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Dear Readers,

When was the last time you watched a movie, newscast, or television show where an evangelical Christian was portrayed as an interesting, fun-loving, learned, open-minded, and caring person? Can you count the times with your fingers on one hand?

My wife pointed this out to me. She said that in both old and new movies Catholicism is given some reverence. There are touching musical scores with nuns in “The Sound of Music”, magical Christmas scenes on “Home Alone” where Kevin finds refuge in a beautiful Catholic cathedral, and confessionals where a main character seeks solace from a priest. And on television, which baby boomers can ever forget the fun antics of The Flying Nun?

Evangelical Christians, on the other hand, are usually reenacted as being mean-spirited, narrow-minded, and intolerant. Robert’s parents-in-law on “Everybody Loves Raymond” are a prime example of that stereotype.

News anchors poke fun at “right wing, racist, nut job” Christians in the Tea Party. Their gun-loving ways are seen as threats to society.

What do you think? Do we have some of the above-listed characteristics? Or are these characteristics grossly exaggerated?

Isaiah 28 debunks the myth that God’s followers are always stuck-in-the-mud, unlearned, uncaring people. He wrote that persons who follow Him are instructed in the “right way” (vs. 26). He then goes on to explain the following: “All this also comes from the Lord Almighty, wonderful in counsel and magnificent in wisdom” (vs. 29).

So if God is wonderful in counsel and magnificent in wisdom, and He instructs us in this counsel and wisdom, that makes us the privy to the most creative, interesting thoughts in the universe. We cannot help but marvel at all He has given us, and especially the wonderful plan He has for us serving His Son Jesus.

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Rhonda Schrock said...

"...that makes us privy to the most creative, interesting thoughts in the universe." I love that! I pray frequently for the creativity, energy, and power of the Holy Spirit when I write. I think Christians can have more fun than almost anyone (although I have seen some pretty dried-up, not-fun examples that certainly wouldn't make me want to be one). I want to be THAT kind. said...

Thanks for the feedback. I work in mental health, and treatment is predominantly done with a secular, "holistic" approach, and Christians are sometimes seen as not having very much compassion. But I pray that I can make a difference.