Monday, September 6, 2010

Cedar Point Joy

Dear Readers,

Over the Labor Day weekend my family went to Cedar Point. We enjoyed the many rides, experiences, and family time. We also walked, and we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked. But no matter the distance, and pain, we walked together. Also, the servers at the Johnny Rocket restaurant broke out in dance to “Celebration”. Dee and Joseph almost had to hold me back from joining.

Taking after my mom in being a people watcher (she used to go the grocery store and sit in the car just to “watch the people”) I watched the myriads of people that lined the walkways. I watched them curiously wondering what their home life, work life, and life in general was like for them. Seems strange doesn’t it?

I was fascinated by body builder types that could break me like a pretzel if they had a mind to do so. They walked around, mostly in groups, almost daring anyone to cross them, this perhaps a figment of my wild imagination. I even developed plans of action what I would do if any of them got angry with me when I accidentally bumped into one of them. (I decided I would profusely apologize!)

Handsome men strutted around proudly with their model-like girlfriends. Harley riders advertised their passion with expensive Harley clothing. Innumerable guys wore t-shirts with various skull figures emblazoned on them. (What’s up with all the skulls?) Even these skull promoters were smiling and seemed to be having a joyful, good time.

“Leave it To Beaver” type families were in abundance. Little children laughed with their parents as they tried to jolt each other into oblivion on the bumper car ride. For a moment at least, all was right with the world.

I found myself hoping and praying that all these people, like my wife, son, and I, when they go back to their homes and lives, find the real JOY of life.

See you next time,


bob said...

Arlen, enjoy your blogs! Yea..I was wondering what is up with the "skulls" too??? Seems to be so satanic in nature...
bob adams said...

Thanks Bob. My wife is a writer and she encouraged me for some time to try blogging, but only recently I felt a tug of the Holy Spirit and circumstances to start. I know some young family members and acquaintances that are really into vampires, skulls, and such. Some even profess being Christian. I worry about that. Thanks again.

Dee Yoder said...

Cedar Point was fun, but the walking was TOO much! The best part was just being with both you and Joseph. (:

Dee Yoder said...

But we missed out on the junk food. Bleh. NEXT time--all junk food--no GOOD food. said...

Thanks Honey. The best part of being there for me was also being there with you guys!