Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rebuke: Biblical Principle, But Should Be Used Sparingly

Dear Readers,

Thanks for coming back to this blog. Again, I am trying to send a positive Christian message to counterbalance the not-so positive Christian messages we hear so often.

Rebuke is a Biblical principle (see Proverbs 15:31) but I believe it should be used sparingly and very specifically as it can be very discouraging to new believers, and more experienced ones for that matter. I also think a rebuke should not be broadcast to a general audience unless the problem exists with the majority of the general audience. Even then I think the messenger should qualify specifically to whom the message is intended.

Also, if the messenger is rebuking himself as well, and is saying that he has a problem with the same thing, all the better. That way he/she will not appear superior over the hearers and their defenses may come down. .

I am posting this as a qualifier to what I will post in the future. I feel very strongly about the principle mentioned above. I believe God is very good and He wants our best, and I feel that by His Holy Spirit He wants to be more encouraging than rebuking.

See you next time,


Dee Yoder said...

You made a great start, honey. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Go Arlen! Hey, I enjoyed our lunch hour today. It was awesome!